While we have been in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been unable to sing together. We are very grateful to Angel Early Music for funding this digital lecture recital which we have put together from our archive audio and visual footage. We have particularly enjoyed singing the music of Marenzio over the years, especially since our first recording, Tears of a Lover.

Translations can be downloaded here

Luca Marenzio – Dolorosi Martir
Cipriano de Rore – O Sonno
Marc’Antonio Ingegneri – Dolorosi Martir
Luca Marenzio – Zefiro Torna
Claudio Monteverdi – Zefiro Torna
John Dowland – All ye whom love or fortune hath betrayed
Luca Marenzio – Se Quel Dolor movements VII and VIII