Aussie adventures day 1 & 2

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And so begins Fieri’s Australian adventure. Our flight was a very civilised 11.30am take off, though with a delay of about half an hour, the group had to run madly through Singapore airport to make the connection. Hopefully there will be no more flight drama, given that we have another 5 flights to catch during our trip.

After watching a staggering amount of films between us and eating several plane breakfasts, we touched down in Adelaide and were greeted by our Australian hosts. We were feeling pretty groggy at 5.30pm Australian time but we were whisked away by Jenny (the precentor of Adelaide Cathedral who is responsible for making this trip happen) to a warm reception at her house. There we met all the various Australians associated with the Cathedral who are involved in our tour and given a sampling of an Australian speciality, Rockford Black Shiraz, a sparkling red wine. A couple of those and we were ready for bed. We are all staying with different families, and thankfully they are excellent at waking up jet lagged singers.

photo1Today our hosts were given the glamorous task of keeping us awake and they have certainly given us a wonderful first day in Adelaide. We have been to Mount Lofty for a walk in the hills and some spectacular views of the city. We also had a close up of a Koala bear in the trees, with a baby in her pouch. As you can imagine, we stood for about half an hour gazing at this cutie, our most touristy moment yet.

photoTomorrow the singing begins with a workshop at Marryatville school and then an afternoon of rehearsals for our concert on Friday. Fieri are looking forward to exchanging singing tips and finding out how the Aussies run things!

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    My spirits are soaring after an evening of Aves and Allelujas listening to and watching the Fieri Consort in St Peter’s Cathedral Adelaide. Listening to such intelligently coloured and inspired interpretation of the words and music ‘all about Mary’ was a privilege. Thank you to Fieri and to the Cathedral Foundation for making it possible.

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